The Power of CURRENT

Years ago I was on an engagement where I ended up building a TON of scorecards in Financial Reporting.  These reports were insane!  We had grids getting data from grids getting data from grids, you know….   Those kind of reports.  We used the GetCell function like mad!  But, they worked and they worked rather well.  I recently did some FR training for a client and we had a situation come up where they needed to pull information from two different grids onto the report.  I suggested using the GetCell function to pull the information from the 2nd grid onto the 1st grid, and then hide that 2nd grid.  The only problem…..the wanted it to be dynamic.  I had never used the GetCell in that way before, but reading through the Oracle docs, it said to use the range function to pull the dynamic members.  Y’all…….  I tried every way under the sun.

<<GetCell(“Grid2”, Row[1(1:5)}, A, current)>>   – Negative

<<GetCell(“Grid2”, [1(1:5)}, A, current)>>  – Negative

Anything that made sense (in my head) using the range function DID NOT WORK.  What DID work?  Current.

<<GetCell(“Grid2”, current, A, current)>> .  Seriously!  The word current did the trick!  No more customizing crazy specific grids and use GetCell to get each individual cell.  You can use current and pull in dynamic members on another grid.  Can I get an AMEN?

Gotta give Guy Hebert a little shout out from Oracle Support for that one!  Once again, saved from the crazy train.


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