Have you considered using the HsGetVal to pull your data in excel?

Here’s my recent experience with it!

The HsGetVal function has been a favorite of the HFM world for a LONG time.  Now it’s also available in the Planning/Essbase world.  The down side, there is a noticeable difference in retrieve time between Planning versus Essbase.   I recently ran across a situation where they created pretty savvy spreadsheets using the HsGetVal function against Planning, but each retrieval time was 30 seconds.  When we switched the connection in Smart View to Essbase, the retrieve time went down to 2 seconds.  Now here is something you might find interesting.  Initially we had trouble pulling the data from Essbase because the filters had not been created.  The admin had been doing what another consultant told him to do…..refresh the database, in order to refresh everything, including security.  Not.  True.  Once we did a real security refresh, we were able to pull the data with no issues.

Food for Thought:  If your users are having trouble with adhoc analysis, create spreadsheets using HsGetVal for them to pull the values from Essbase.  Just remember to refresh your Planning security filters!


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