The Doc is In


A co-worker (aka the owner of my company) gave me a t-shirt for Christmas with the picture above.  Being the analytical female that I am, I immediately thought, “Great.  My boss thinks I’m crazy”.   But, the more I analyzed the picture, I realized it was more of a testament to my job, which makes it all the more awesome.  The life of support has been rather busy these days, which has not been great for my blogging. Don’t worry, I have a plethora of support information chomping at the bit to be shared with the world!

I’ve had my hands in the support world for many years. In fact, my first job out of graduating from the great Texas Tech University was supporting local and county government software.  The biggest lesson I learned there, and carried all these years, it’s not just about solving the problem.

Wait for it…..

It’s about the relationship.   That welcoming support we all need when we’re in the middle of a budget cycle and all data has disappeared.  When Smart View keeps giving an error. When comments are no longer showing up on the form.  We can’t pull all of the data in that we need to view.  Our automation process isn’t working.  The batches keep failing.  We want to hack into the Planning tables (that’s always a fun one).   As consultants, we solve problems.  Right?  But, as Support, we become the warm fuzzy blanket in a time of crisis.  People want to know they have a consistent voice to call upon when it all hits the fan (even if that voice has a slight bit of good ole southern twang).

So, as we start the journey into 2016, I vow to give you all the support (and warm fuzzies) you need in your EPM world.

The Doc Is in!


Disclaimer: In no way do I think that the clients I get to support on a daily basis need their heads analyzed.  🙂


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