Cloud Software Updates

We had a recent incident with a PBCS Business  Rule.   A rule that had been working with no issues suddenly stopped working in the middle of the day in both DEV and Prod.  When we couldn’t find a reason, or get the rule to run, we ended resetting the DEV environment, rebuilt it from Prod LCM Artifacts, reloaded the data, and the rule suddenly began to work again.  We chose to defer the issue to Oracle for the Prod environment.  (Rebuilding the Prod  environment in the middle of the day is just frowned upon)

Oracle responded that they had pushed out updates to both environments.  They recommended we perform a database refresh.  After the refresh, the business rule worked!

A little tip for all the Cloud clients, might be a good  idea to perform a database  refresh after Oracle pushes out software updates to your environment.

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