You down with OAC? Yeah, you know me!



First  of  all, you’re very welcome for  putting that song in your head.  If you don’t know what  I’m referring to, then you are way too young and not quite 90’s hip.

Second.  Do you even know what OAC is?  Oracle Analytics Cloud.  If you try to call it Essbase  in the Cloud, you will get funny looks and  possibly a lifetime ban from the OAC community (not really) .

Every year, my hip hoppin’ company takes a trip that is  not only fun,  but very educational.  This year, I was able to actually get  my hands on two new products which are about to drop to the Oracle community:  OAC  (Oracle Analytics Cloud) and DV (Data Visualization).

The initial challenge was getting used to the new tool.  When you’ve developed in Essbase and EAS for 15 years, learning  a new way to develop a cube  can be rather  challenging.  I found myself having to step back a few times to re-wire my brain.  Which then led me to start thinking about the intended target.  The excel power user, who knows their  data, and knows how they want to report and slice  and dice.  The same user  who knows if he/she asks for a server,  along with the  package for On-Prem  Essbase, with a handful  of user licenses,  is  going to get shot down (again).  The same user who spends  countless hours  copying and pasting numbers into spreadsheet after  spreadsheet, creating various images that will  best depict the data  scenario.

What do you need to use OAC?

  1. You  will need a browser
  2. You will need Excel, with Smart View version (for now)
  3. You will need to be able to install  a few items on your computer
  4. You will need an understanding of Parent/Child/Generation
  5. You will  need a solid understanding of your environment
  6. You will  need a solid understanding of your source data
  7. You will  need a solid  understanding of your intended results
  8. You  will need  an OAC consultant (in my humble opinion)

Some may tell you that  you won’t need any consultants for OAC.  In situations where that MAY be true, I  would advise against it.  Using a consultant, especially in  the design and build phase  of your new OAC project will prove more helpful than harmful.  Whether they have experience in the Cloud or On-Prem, the consultant(s) can provide  guidance on best  ways to build your application, with the best results, the  best performance, and the least  amount of maintenance  for YOU  in the long run.  Essbase is STILL your powerful data engine, quietly running in the background.  So, the better you build your application,  the better Essbase  will run for YOU!

WAY earlier in this blog, I mentioned  DV.   Let me just say this…..if you are a  dash-boarder, a master graphic data displayer, a lover of  pies & charts, then this is the tool for you.  I have a  small confession.  I would rather  see data than pictures.  It’s how I’m wired.  But,  I know you.   You  who  love the graphs  and dots and area  maps, pies,  and trees and donuts (OH MY).  Y’all, those are just a handful of the different ways in DV to look at your data.  Your CEO just might give you a Christmas gift this year  with all of these very cool  graphical ways to display the data.

Now  it’s time for YOU to decide if you are down with OAC.  (Yeah, you know me!)




If you want to learn more about OAC, check out the blog hop participant posts below! What is a blog hop? A blog hop is a group of bloggers who all get together to blog on a particular topic. We share each others blog posts in an attempt to share a lot of great information in one place. Enjoy!





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