Smartview won’t uninstall

I’ve worked with Smartview and the Essbase add-in since the beginning of time.  Literally.   Remember when you had to rebot after every single install  or uninstall?  Good times.

I’ve been working with OAC (for those that are newbies to the Oracle world, OAC stands for Oracle Analytics Cloud) and Excel 2013.  I was having some issues and realized I needed to download the latest version of SV (  I THOUGHT I downloaded it correct.  It SAID I was using version  My issues did not resolve, so I reached out to Oracle support.  They asked that I uninstall and then restinall SV.

OK! No Problem.  I do this in my sleep!

Not this time.  That sucker would not uinstall.  It would get stuck at the 30% marker, and not budge.  I reached  out to our very smart team of infrastructure consultants.  Did you know that there is another Schwartzberg out there in the world?   That’s right, Ross Schwartzberg, who just happens to be the brother of Glenn (I KNOW you know Glenn).

Ross and I literally spent HOURS on my computer.  We tried to find the files it was looking for, googled, researched and got really frustrated.  Finally, I said, “Hey, what if we delete the registry”.

Oh I know..that is a huge NO NO.  Don’t touch the registry.  I get it.   But dadugm,  I am just not myself without a Smartview install on my machine.  It’s like bread a butter.  If you’re an EPM consultant, you HAVE to have Smartview.

So, here’s what we did:

Navigated to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Hyperion Solutions\HyperionSmartView (proof that ‘Hyperion’ is truly not dead).


Took a backup of HyperionSmartView, and then deleted HyperionSmartView.  I did say “are we sure about this” about 100 times.   Again, you don’t mess with the registry!

Then, I navigated to the path where SV gets installed and renamed the current SmartView folder to SmartView_old.

SV path

After that, I was able to unistall it from Control Panel (where you’re normally supposed to do it), and remove the SV instances.

I then reinstalled with no issues, and all of my OAC issues were gone!

So, moral of the story, blow it away in the registry if all else fails.



2 thoughts on “Smartview won’t uninstall

  1. Just wanted to note that I had the exact same problem, but had a different solution.

    I found that when trying to uninstall, two uninstall processes in Task Manager would be created (32 bit & 64 bit). Killing the 32 bit process would make the uninstall process complete without error after that.

    I will note that the latest version .800 didn’t give me any issues for install/uninstall.


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