Monthly Cloud Updates

If you are new to the Oracle EPM and Essbase Cloud world, make note that change is a’comin’.  It comes monthly.  Maybe more often.  And it comes whether you want it to or not.

You can log out of PBCS one day and log back into PBCS to see new tiles, tiles moved, new dimension editor, etc.

Since we can’t exactly create a resistance to the this change, we can prepare for it.  You can also make sure your employees are prepared for it!

If you are an Oracle EPM Cloud Customer, you will receive monthly emails that look similar to this:



You then can click on June Update and get a full list of every Cloud product and the changes to that product.  Scroll down to see when the patching will occur:


There is a silver lining to some of this madness.  You have two weeks to log into your test environment, navigate through the changes for each environment (if any), and then document and notify your user  community!

OAC patching is a little different.  You have to log into My Services to see the notification that a patch is ready to be applied.  You then can decide if and when you want to install that patch.

Something to also strong consider when it comes to patching…… if you have cloud training scheduled with Oracle or a 3rd party vendor (or interRel…and their awesome trainers), strongly consider the timing of your training and patching.  So many things change in these patches, which can cause your training documentation to be out of sync with your environment, which can cause confusion for  your users.   You do have a little more control with OAC as opposed to PBCS.




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