EPBCS Unable to Configure My Forecast Year

Yesterday, I came across something really random, but very GOOD TO KNOW.

We were trying to configure the new forecast in our EPBCS application using the configuration wizard. The Configure tools are really quite handy. Especially if you have many modules to maintain. For example, in the picture below, you can use the Planning and Forecasting Preparations to set your Forecast/Budget month and year, and it will automatically update all of the substitution variables for you.

It was in the Planning and Forecast Preparations that we came across something really odd. It would not allow us to select FY21, which is the year we needed to set for our forecast.

I went through all of my normal troubleshooting. Nothing pointed to why we could not enable FY21 for the Forecast.

It wasn’t until I looked at the YEAR dimensionality that it hit me. The last year in the YEAR dimension was FY21. We added 2 more years, refreshed the database, went back into the Wizard, and it was STILL greyed out.

We logged out and then logged back in, and VIOLA!! FY21 was no longer grayed out.

When you are prepping for your Budget and/or Forecast in EPBCS, and the year is greyed out, just add more years to the YEAR dimension, refresh the database, log out, and log back in.

…..the more you know….


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