RTPs and Calculate Form

I recently came across the absolute most crazy “undocumented” feature.  I know I’ve posted a few times that a certain issue drove me crazy, but they don’t even come close to this one.  This one seriously takes the cake, ON ALL LEVELS.

We had business rules with Run Time Prompts on forms.  They were all selected to Run On Save.  We had these suckers working in UAT, and then moved them over to Prod and they stopped working.  Then, as if a Gremlin had decided to eat it’s way into the Planning UAT environment, it stopped working there as well.   If we deselected the Run on Save, the rules ran perfectly!  Unfortunately, the users having to click OK on a business rule was not an option.

After several weeks of scouring the environment, rewriting the rules, exporting, importing, modifying, reading every single document and blog on Run Time Prompts, I finally threw in the towel and went to Oracle Support.  When we were able to get someone on a Go To Meeting to actually look at the issue, he said, “hey, try this…..”


The whole “try this”, was to deselect Run on Save for the default <Calculate Form>  business rule.  That tiny little box was the culprit of the rules with Run Time Prompts no longer working with Run on Save.

Moral of the story.  Don’t have Calculate Form AND Business Rules that contain Run Time Prompts both set to Run On Save.

Sanity restored (for now).


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