Pushing Smart View Private Connections to Users

I worked with the other Schwartberg (Ross, not Glenn.  Which, by the way, are both equally smart) on another issue a few weeks ago.  A client asked him to create a script to push Private Smart View Connections to each user.  You see,  if you share workbooks and don’t have the EXACT Smart View connection, … More Pushing Smart View Private Connections to Users

Reboot PBCS?

There may be instances where you need to restart your Planning application.  With our on premise environments, all we had to do was call our trusty IT department OR log into the server and run our EPM stop and startup scripts.  When our servers are in the cloud, we don’t have an easy button to … More Reboot PBCS?

Cloud Software Updates

We had a recent incident with a PBCS Business  Rule.   A rule that had been working with no issues suddenly stopped working in the middle of the day in both DEV and Prod.  When we couldn’t find a reason, or get the rule to run, we ended resetting the DEV environment, rebuilt it from Prod LCM Artifacts, reloaded the … More Cloud Software Updates