FCCS ClearEmptyBlocks

In the November Cloud update, Oracle released a new business rule in FCCS to clear empty member blocks.  This SHOULD somewhat help perfmance.  I haven’t tested it myself, but I’m certainly crossing my fingers. It’s fairy easy to do from the web.  Select your scenario, Year(s), and Period(s). But, what if you want to automate  … More FCCS ClearEmptyBlocks

Pushing Smart View Private Connections to Users

I worked with the other Schwartberg (Ross, not Glenn.  Which, by the way, are both equally smart) on another issue a few weeks ago.  A client asked him to create a script to push Private Smart View Connections to each user.  You see,  if you share workbooks and don’t have the EXACT Smart View connection, … More Pushing Smart View Private Connections to Users

Cloud Software Updates

We had a recent incident with a PBCS Business  Rule.   A rule that had been working with no issues suddenly stopped working in the middle of the day in both DEV and Prod.  When we couldn’t find a reason, or get the rule to run, we ended resetting the DEV environment, rebuilt it from Prod LCM Artifacts, reloaded the … More Cloud Software Updates