My EPMAutomate Jobs Won’t Run Anymore

This one will be short and sweet! I have many people reach out because all of their data management jobs that are run by EPM Automate have been fine for MONTHS, and are no longer running. In the December Update, there was a change made to EPM Automate. The rule names in the scripts must … More My EPMAutomate Jobs Won’t Run Anymore

EPBCS Unable to Configure My Forecast Year

Yesterday, I came across something really random, but very GOOD TO KNOW. We were trying to configure the new forecast in our EPBCS application using the configuration wizard. The Configure tools are really quite handy. Especially if you have many modules to maintain. For example, in the picture below, you can use the Planning and … More EPBCS Unable to Configure My Forecast Year

FCCS Currency Translation Doesn’t Work

Every time something stops working in the Cloud, I truly feel like I’m in a glass case of emotion. With that said…..since the last FCCS update, some FCCS instances have had issues with their currency translations. NEVER FEAR!  There is a workaround.  Here are the steps:  Navigate to Variables  Select Substitution Variables Change the c … More FCCS Currency Translation Doesn’t Work

FCCS ClearEmptyBlocks

In the November Cloud update, Oracle released a new business rule in FCCS to clear empty member blocks.  This SHOULD somewhat help perfmance.  I haven’t tested it myself, but I’m certainly crossing my fingers. It’s fairy easy to do from the web.  Select your scenario, Year(s), and Period(s). But, what if you want to automate  … More FCCS ClearEmptyBlocks

Pushing Smart View Private Connections to Users

I worked with the other Schwartberg (Ross, not Glenn.  Which, by the way, are both equally smart) on another issue a few weeks ago.  A client asked him to create a script to push Private Smart View Connections to each user.  You see,  if you share workbooks and don’t have the EXACT Smart View connection, … More Pushing Smart View Private Connections to Users