EPM July Update – My Hail Mary


It’s hotter than hades in Texas right now.  In order to keep some of my sanity, I’m focusing on the glorious season of FALL, and with that comes our beloved season of Football (Guns up!)

Since the EPM Cloud July update was released, there were some really strange things going on.  I know my client wasn’t the only one experiencing gremlins.  And if you have a strange July Update story to share, please do so!  Misery loves company. (or so they say..)

Here’s the skinny on what we experienced in EPBCS……

First issue:We had multiple rules that calculated different areas of the data.  Within these rules, there were two almost identical sections.  The first section was fixed for the Forecast scenario and the forecasted months.   The second section was fixed for the Budget Scenario and the budgeted months.  Remember, IDENTICAL scripts except for Scenario and Periods.  The Forecast part of the calculation worked!  No issues!  The Budget, for some odd reason did not.  Of course I did all of the normal troubleshooting.  Is the Budget open for input?  Is there data populated where we are seeding the budget from?  Is this a block issue?  Nothing panned out.  Finally I said, let’s break these out.  I know it’s a pain, but if this works, we can create scripts to run the rules for all of budget and all of forecast.  I literally copied the business rule to a new rule, removed the Forecast section of the rule, saved, verified, deployed.  Bam, it worked.

We think we have solved our problem until we find that ONE ROGUE ENTITY would not populate with budget data.   I started troubleshooting all over again.  What makes this entity different?  Are there currency rates for this entity? Is this yet another block issue?  Is there data where we are populating from?    I had many of our consultants look into this with me.  I opened an SR with Oracle, they requested the moon, stars, a kidney, and a debug of the rule for a good entity, and of the “bad” entity, which of course revealed nothing.  I even had the grandfather of calc scripts, Mr. Glenn Schwartzberg , look into this.  No one could figure out why this one little entity refused to accept data!

I had recommended one thing to the client a few times, and they were timid about going through with it.  I finally said, this is IT.  We have to do this. This is our Hail Mary.  I will guarantee your  system and data will not be lost.  This is my final shot before I join the loony bin (with lots of wine and padded rooms).

Hail  Mary Time

  1.  Take a snapshot of the entire system
  2.  Take a full data export of the one entity that won’t work for budget
  3.  Delete the “bad” entity.
  4.  Refresh the database
  5.  Re-add the “bad” entity.  Same  properties as before.  (we took screenshots)
  6.  Refresh the database
  7.  Reload data from Step 2
  8.  Re-run the rules for budget.

Well folks, that did it.  That fixed the issue!  All of a sudden that one entity now had budget data!

So, if you are seeing some crazy bizarre gremlin issues going on, don’t waste your time troubleshooting like I did.  Save your padded room and wine days for a nice long vacation!  If all else fails, just delete and re-add.





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